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Vegan MOFO: Day 2
In case you missed yesterdays post, I announced that my MOFO theme is “An Ode to Vegan Bloggers.” Tuesday’s are going to be the most difficult day for me to post because my work schedule goes something like this: Monday I work 5PM – 3AM, Tuesday I work 12PM to 10PM, and Wednesday I work 7AM – 5PM leaving me with next to no time to do anything very elaborate on Tuesday’s. For that reason I decided to make Tuesday’s to say thank you to bloggers that inspire me.

A little over two years ago I read my first blog. I was in search of a “corned beef” seitan recipe because I was craving one of my favorite sandwiches at the Red & Black Cafe in Portland, Oregon which is only 175 miles away. One of the links on the top of the Google search was for Vegan Dad and the recipe was Vegan Corned Beef.  The next three hours were consumed with reading his recipes. I was in awe!

Cooking and sharing food has always been my passion and I have often been asked for my recipes that I had never written down. Vegan Dad inspired this blog. which started out as a way for a way to make sure my recipes were documented so I could easily share. Friends began sharing with friends and from there it morphed into the little vegan community that it is today. To this day, I still get giddy from every new like I get and wonder what I did wrong when someone unlikes me.

Thanks Vegan Dad for adding this fantastic element to my life. Thanks to all our friends, new and old who are along for the ride!  Which blog was your first?

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9 Responses to The Blog That Inspired Me

  1. Ruskin Days Downunder says:

    For me it was Choosing Raw at

  2. Cara says:

    I love your theme, I thought about making something similar but decided to go with another idea….

    Can’t wait to read on!

  3. veganlinda says:

    I love Vegan Dad! My first blog that inspired me to start blogging was She made me laugh so hard and her pictures and food are real (not that I don’t love picture perfect vegan blogs too, but I don’t live a picture-perfect life).

  4. Yay! Vegan Dad is one of my fave blogs. Long ago, someone commented on MY blog, assuming that “Tofu-Mom” must be married to “Vegan Dad” – hahaha, nope, but it amused me anyway.

  5. Debbie says:

    I love this idea for a theme! I’m thinking about taking one day a week and cooking a couple of the recipes I find during the week and blog about them. So many great vegan blogs it is hard to get to them all and try all the great recipes.

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