Worthy of Sharing: One for the Ladies (or those that love a lady!)

First off, thanks to Vegan Bump who is a vegan Mom to be, for posting this. Despite it not being strictly a vegan article it really spoke to me and I had to share.

I love that Dr. Christiane Northrup writes about some common misconceptions about calcium. She also speaks about women loving themselves which I think we all need to be reminded about! The thing that really hit home was about the orgasmic, ecstatic birth which I experienced and made me feel like a complete freak and I had never shared the story with anyone except Hubby of course. I also wrote the experience off to the fact that I have a piercing below the belt. Mom, I am sorry if you are reading and I have embarrassed you!!As anyone else had this experience?

The article also reminded me that I need to start doing yoga again, and to stop working 60 hours a week though I already knew it has been draining me physically and mentally! I also love the sink thing and am the same way with my bathroom sink. It really sets my mood for the entire day!

Every few years I find a book that I purchase and then pass on. I think Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom may be on of those. Read the article here: Q & A with Dr Christiane Northrup.

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