Worthy of Sharing: Vegan Makeups

Awhile back I presented the following to our Facebook friends:

“Another question for you. What’s your favorite vegan makeup? Or if you like different items (blush, mascara, foundation, etc…)from different companies let us know.

We received some great responses and just yesterday my friend Elle asked which brands of foundation were good so I figured I would enter it here for easy access. If anyone had specified a certain product I included it next to the name. If I missed anything that you believe should be here, pass it on and it will be added.

Crazy Rumors vegan lipstick & balms
E.L.F. cosmetics
Organic Splendor
Paula Begoun
SpaRitualnail polish
Urban Decaypencil liners, eye shadows, (not all products vegan-look for paw print)
Zoyanail polish
Zuzu luxe- mascara, eye shadow

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10 Responses to Worthy of Sharing: Vegan Makeups

  1. Lori says:

    Bare Minerals contains carmine… not Vegan.

  2. Trish says:


    A lot of recommendations/good products there. I’ve tried or am trying a lot o fthose, but I just began so I’m not sure how much will work for me.

  3. Jodie Newton-Drouin says:

    http://Www.erzulinecosmetics.com she makes some vegan makeup and has a lot of vegan skin care! Very decently priced too!

  4. Jodie Newton-Drouin says:

    Follow up: http://www.progressinhealth.com for the erzuline cosmetics….I was thinking her etsy shop address, but through the web address its progress in health…(it’s early, I’m still getting my caffeine level back up lol)

  5. Doh says:

    I love the foundations from Ecco Bella for my 40-something sensitive skin.

    Also, for your wealthier readers 🙂 I received this email from Hourglass (available at most Sephoras):
    Thank you for reaching out to us about animal testing.

    Please note we are a growing, conscientious brand and have no intention of
    supporting animal testing to develop and market our products. Hourglass
    Cosmetics does not incorporate animal testing into our development phase or
    at the production level. In addition, we do not provide authorization to any
    third parties to perform animal testing on our products. Hourglass Cosmetics
    does not retail within any country that requires animal testing to obtain
    marketing authorization. Finally, Hourglass Cosmetics is in the process of
    obtaining the Leaping Bunny Logo from The Coalition for Consumer Information
    on Cosmetics (CCIC), and anticipates a favorable outcome on this company

    Also, please find a listed of products we offer that are considered vegan:

    No.28 Primer Serum
    Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick
    Oxygen Foundation Mineral Powder
    Solar Tan Self-Tanning Primer
    Script Precision Liquid Liner
    Superficial Waterproof Bronzer
    Veil Fluid Makeup
    Veil Mineral Primer

    Our brushes are also vegan as they are made with high-grade Taklon bristles.

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