Vegans Say What? Grocery Stores

Here in Seattle we have a great little non-profit vegan grocery called Sidecar For Pigs Peace.  What’s your favorite vegan grocery store? Please include City & State/Country.  I would like to create a running list.  Thanks in advance!

List of stores:
Vegans Choice Grocery
– Newtown, New South Wales, Australia
Fruit Barn – San Francisco, California

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1 Response to Vegans Say What? Grocery Stores

  1. Nina says:

    I live in Canberra (Australia’s illustrious Capital City) and sadly we have NO vegan grocery stores here. Pretty bloody sad really.
    When I lived in Sydney I loved to visit a restaurant in Newtown called ‘Green Goumet’. Literally next door (at 113 King St, Newtown) they have a shop called ‘Vegans Choice Grocery’. It’s just brilliant. Even 10 years ago they sold both fresh and frozen vegan food. Sauces, vegan cheeses, vegan creams and frozen packed meals, even vegan ice creams! Being an Asian store they also sold many foods I had no idea about (at the time).
    It’s somewhere I like to call into when visiting Sydney. I highly recommend it.

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