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Vegans Say What? Do you kill mosquitoes?

Many vegans catch and release spiders, go out of their way not to step on ants, rescue bees and other bugs from swimming pools as well as performing many other acts of insect kindness, but what do you do with … Continue reading

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Red Velvet cake

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Thanks to the people at work that took the picture for me. This recipe is dedicated to my friend Vilma who is getting married next weekend and has chosen a vegan Red Velvet Cake for her special day. Until speaking … Continue reading

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Vegans Say What? What does “vegan” mean to you?

Years ago I had a conversation with someone who ate a completely plant-based diet, didn’t buy anything made out of animals and would not purchase anything animal tested but refused to call himself Vegan and would correct anyone that referred … Continue reading

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Beer Battered Fishy Tacos

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More difficult than cheese or meat, fish was by far the hardest thing for me to give up.  I was never a huge meat eater. Being allergic to dairy and eggs, they were always attached to feeling sick. Fish on … Continue reading

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