Vegans Say What?: Do These Things Really Have Animal Products?

With my smart phone in hand I was a passenger on a four-hour road trip so it was the perfect time to catch up on current events in the vegan world. Earlier in the week I had read the story about the “Go Vegan” sign that was hung on the butter cow at the Iowa State fair.  While reading  new news I stumbled on an opinion piece And Ode To The Butter Cow Battle of 2011 by Dean Close. This piece is definitely not pro vegan or for the events that took place, but that in fact is not what I am writing about or the question I have for you. My question deals more with a statement that was made.

As I repost these statements taken from the above link by Dean Close, I want you to know that I was aware that many of the things listed were in fact made with animal bi-products but there are a few that have taken me by surprise (I typed those in italics and bold) and I have not had time to fact check so I decided to ask you.   Here it is:

“If you drove your car — or even if you are an environmentalist who rode your bike to the State Fair — meat by-products made that possible, as well. The ball bearings that make your wheels move are made with inedible meat by-products. The rubber in your tires, too, has ingredients from dead animals.”

“Here are just a few: marshmallows, gelatin, plaster, asphalt, insulation, lubricants, lipstick, hand cream, fireworks, buttons, piano keys, glue, fertilizer (for all of those vegetables you grow to replace meat in your diet), paper, wallpaper, sandpaper, combs, toothbrushes, and even violin strings.”

I would love your thoughts or if you have any additional products that might take me by surprise. Remember, please leave your response on the blog rather than Facebook, so it is easier for people to use as a reference:)

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