Vegan MOFO Day 2: Cuban Black Bean Soup with Potatoes and Corn

soup3Thanks for coming to check out day two of “Intervention of a Food Hoarder.” I realized today that this month will also be great for the working people like me that don’t have a lot of free time to cook. This meal took 30 minutes to cook and minimal prep time. It gets as difficult as heating olive oil and opening packages. It came out delicious!

Here are the ingredients:
olive oil (according to cooking instructions on potatoes)
1 24 oz bag of frozen roasted potatoes with onion and garlic (Trader Joe’s brand)
2 – 32 oz boxes of cuban black bean soup (Imagine)
1 cup frozen corn
Spoonful of vegan sour cream on top (optional)


Cook potatoes according to instructions on the package. Add corn and soup. Bring to boil. Serve.

According by the Best Buy Date we should have used the soups a year ago. They were fine.


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9 Responses to Vegan MOFO Day 2: Cuban Black Bean Soup with Potatoes and Corn

  1. ameyfm says:

    this is awesome. I love the combining of various expired and hoarded items into a satisfying dinner! Well done!

  2. Lea says:

    Sounds yummy, but I really would have been nervous with the soup tasting as good as they had intended it to taste. Good for you though, you came out of it with a satisfying meal.

  3. I love this theme. I look forward to your month of posts.

  4. Deirdra Doan says:

    So nice and easy with everything pre made from Trader Joe!! I was interested because I have been doing the John McDougall starch way of eating. Just will keep the oil out! I love to eat but gain weight if I eat as much as I need to be satisfied. But using starch and not fat solves that problem so well. And McDougall explains why!

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