13 Days Left

Well only 13 days left and I will say that Kickstarter is not as easy as people convinced me it would be. I create amazing food but am not a sales person so it is understandable that this approach might not be a right fit for me. Regardless, through this adventure we have encountered some amazing people who believe in the food and want to help in different ways. Thanks for all the kind notes, sharing and support! I will throw it out there that if everyone that has enjoyed this blog could contribute $5 we would be really close to making our goal. That’s cheaper than any cookbook I have ever purchased!

Back our Project

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4 Responses to 13 Days Left

  1. Have you tried posting about it on other Vegan FB pages? Vegansaurus, Vegan.com and Seattle Vegan Score come to mind. Good luck!

  2. Any rules against me doing it? 🙂

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