Worthy Of Sharing: Raw Spices

Initially, when I started the 21 Day Raw Food Jump-start, aside from the time factor of prepping the food, I figured no sweat, it’s just raw veggies, fruits and nuts. Now as I got more into it and am having to come up with recipes I have tons of questions. It’s like learning to cook all over again and I am absolutely loving the challenge!!

One thing I began to wonder about was whether or not spices were considered raw. I asked my go to person for raw questions, Eva on her Uncooking 101 Facebook page if spices like cumin were raw. Her response was, “Usually, Yes!” This got me thinking that some must not be so I went digging on the net for more info and found this page which I found very interesting and wanted to share.

Rawpeople.com – Raw Spices

On a side note: For the class I am taking you do not have to create your own recipes. There is plenty of information given to make it a lot easier. I have opted to create my own which has also been possible with the tools given.

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