Worthy Of Sharing: Africam

Last month while I was visiting my sister in California she turned me on to her latest addiction, Africam. At our house it has quickly become our new favorite pass time. We simply leave it up on our laptop screen while we go on with our normal life while we wait for something to happen.

The site has many different interesting things but our primary interest are the live camera feeds at the watering hole in the nature reserve. It’s like having a zoo in your living room but the animals are in their natural environment. We usually tune in around 6PM PST (which is around sunrise) and have noticed the animals get more active the later it gets. I have been told that if you watch in the wee hours of the morning around 1 or 2AM PST you may witness kills so we have avoided that time frame (not that I am usually up that late.)

Being as the camera stays at the same watering hole you will get to see the same animals day-to-day. The little vegan has been able to name quite a few of the animals and can’t wait for her friends to show up. My niece and nephew have had the opportunity to see live births which we are hoping to see soon being as there are few pregnant animals running around.

Follow the link below to begin the adventure:

Africam Live cameras

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