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Gluten Free, Nut Free, and Animal Free, but Definitely Not Taste Free, Thin Mints

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As you may have heard we are hosting two vegan Girl Scout bake sales. You can read more about them here. Last year I only made cakes and I wanted to switch it up this year. I also wanted to … Continue reading

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Chai Nog White Chocolate Blender Ice Cream

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Okay, I am going to say right now, I may never have to buy store-bought ice cream again. Over the summer I made Blackberry Blender Ice Cream which was great, but it was more like a sorbet. With this attempt … Continue reading

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12 Days: Day 3 – Spiced Persimmon Creme Brulee & the Vegg

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Being as eggs weren’t really my thing prior to being vegan you may be surprised that a product like The Vegg would evenly remotely excite me, but it did! There are some recipes that just don’t taste the same without … Continue reading

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Omi’s Rum Pudding with a Nog Twist

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Omi (our name for grandma) was famous amongst family and friends for her rum pudding. It was requested for every holiday and social occasion. I would run into people years after they had attended an event where they had the … Continue reading

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Chopped Vegan Challenge: Popcorn, Apricot, and Rosemary Biscuit Cups with Butternut Squash Creme Brulee

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On Thursday, Isa Chandra posted a Chopped/Vegan challenge on the Vegan Mofo page. I read it on my lunch break at work and I couldn’t stop thinking about it for the rest of the afternoon and playing around with what … Continue reading

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Apple Nachos and Manifest Vegan

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Vegan MOFO: Day 11 An Ode to Vegan Bloggers I love nachos and the idea that they can be made out of fruit and chocolate makes them even more exciting.  Allyson Kramer wrote about them last year during MOFO on … Continue reading

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Blackberry White Chocolate Lemon Drops

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One of my favorite parts of donating food for bake sales is the inspiration to make new recipes. This weekend our favorite vegan non-profit grocery store, Sidecar For Pigs Peace is having their Septemberfest and asked for people to donate … Continue reading

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Raw Cocoa Truffles with a Coconut Center & Cinnamon and Sucanat Coconut Truffles

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I recently challenged myself  to create a sweet treat that my employees, with all their dietary issues, could eat. The requirements were that the treats had to be gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free (except almonds), banana free, minimal sugar and vegan of … Continue reading

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Blackberry Blender Ice Cream

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Months ago I saw a post from Chocolate-Covered Katie on 10 Healthy Summer Recipes which included a link to all Katie’s recipes for Vita-Mix Ice Creams and I have been thinking about them ever since. The blackberries in my front … Continue reading

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Raw Blackberry Coconut Bites

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Living in the Pacific Northwest is especially wonderful in August, when it is officially our month of summer and there are ripe blackberries everywhere you look. Yes, people will tell you blackberry bushes are evasive and take over if you … Continue reading

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