Our Television Show, French Onion Soup, and Holiday Prep


Not sure how many of you actually watched our show but we had a lot of fun making the first season which included many special guest like Summer from Willamette’s, Laura from Youth Empowered Action Camp & Cherry City Vegans, Imber from Vtopian Artisan Cheese, Ethan and Michael from The Vegan Mos, and my mom. For our next six episodes we are going to be doing compilation videos and then revisiting the other format again in the spring.

Here is Anzia making French Onion Soup. This style of video is what the compilations will be like. To catch our shows make sure to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

To help people prep for the holidays we will be posting recipes on our Instagram page throughout the month. It might be a good idea to follow us there so you don’t miss anything. Also if you have friends that are attempting to do their first vegan holiday share with them. Our ultimate go is to make the holidays as easy as possible. Find us on Instagram @dont_fear_the_vegan.

As always, here at Don’t Fear the Vegan, we want to make going vegan as easy as possible, by making it accessible to everyone at no cost. By following us in one way another simply lets us know that our information is getting out there and is useful.  We love feedback.  We also love all the kind words our friends have given to Anzia.  We know she is not as skilled or polished in the kitchen as some but she cares and wants to the show the world that if a kid can do it, it really isn’t that hard.  We love you all!

What dish would you like to veganize for the holidays? Please comment below!

Steffi Xo

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