Hey DFV, Where Are You?

The time after getting back from Vida Vegancon in Portland has gone by quickly and so much has happened. I feel like I failed because one of the topics that was reinforced on numerous occasions was how important it was to write often and stay in touch. All I can say is that I will work on it, sometimes life happens. Despite my distance recently I felt the need to share what’s going on and what is coming up in the future for Don’t Fear the Vegan. Where to begin?

Hubby and I went to Vida Vegancon together and had a wonderful time. We split up to take different classes so we could walk away with as much knowledge as possible. We both walked away excited for our blogging future, with many ideas to turn into realities. I plan on doing a real post on the event, especially to share some of the information. Unfortunately, that is going to have to wait a few more weeks. I am okay at this point with being the very last blogger to write about it.

Almost immediately after returning from Portland, we headed off to Great Wolf Lodge. The water park was great!! The vegan food selections, not so much. We were told ahead of time via email that the chef’s were prepared to work with any dietary issues. In reality that meant they would pull things off their preexisting menu so that it met your needs. At the restaurant we went to there were two vegetarian options. The Greek Wrap that I ordered ended up being lettuce, olives, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Not so bad but definitely not worth $12. Hubby and the little vegan opted out and decided to eat at our room. I am very glad that we had brought a ton of raw veggies, hummus and other items that we could throw in the microwave. They also offer small fridges in the rooms.

While slipping and sliding around the park I received a phone call telling me I am being transferred to Salem, Oregon. That’s right, we are saying goodbye to Seattle. This news determines the future of the blog for the next month. We will be packing and getting ready for this semi huge transition. I don’t foresee any recipe posts until after the move, though I will try my hardest to get out the Vida Vegancon post and any other exciting things we find. I will also stay active on Facebook, mostly because if I have no other time, I can do that on my lunch break at work. If any of you are in the Salem are let us know!

For those of you that signed up for the second food swap, I apologize, yet again. I just could not my stuff together. After life settles down again I will give a shout out when I am really able to commit to it happening.

My family and I really love the blog and the people we meet on here. The questions are amazing and we learn so much from this amazing community. Thanks for sticking around!!

Love ya!

Steffi XO

Some other fun things coming up:

Hubby has gotten the writing bug and will be starting up his own vegan blog. We will be announcing that info in the next few days. He also is writing for a different vegan blog that should be launching anytime now which we will also keep you posted on.

The little vegan wants to get kids more involved and will be starting her own video series geared toward kids. We hope to have the first one out by the end of July.

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8 Responses to Hey DFV, Where Are You?

  1. Lea says:

    With so much going on in your life right now, I want to thank you very much for the help you provided me in making this a father’s day he won’t soon forget, thanks to the O.

    Good luck with your move and with the new blogs for Phillip, and the kids videos from the little vegan.

    • Phillip was happy to do it. He loves sharing the O love. Hopefully we will find someone so nice after we move. Please let us know when you get them and how you like them! Let us know how it goes!!

      • Dave says:

        I am the lucky dad who was the recipient, and I am exceptionally grateful! They were here on Friday 🙂 Best of luck with the move, and I look forward to the new blog offerings (especially the video series for kids as we are relatively new parents). Thanks again!

      • Lea says:

        They were here Friday afternoon and were a hit with hubby and our little vegan, Henry. They aren’t lasting nearly a long as I had intended though. :/ thanks again!!!

  2. luminousvegans says:

    I look forward to seeing all the newness soon! It is great that the kids want to get involved…a video series sounds wonderful. Good luck with the move.

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