Happy Save a Turkey Day

During the week as I mentioned to people that my families plans for today were to stay in our jammies, eat snacks, watch movies and play video/board games all day, many admitted they were jealous while others were taken back that I wasn’t planning on celebrating and giving thanks. Our closest family is over 300 miles away, I worked till midnight and I only get two days off so traveling was out of the question. Going to friends where I have to look at a dead carcass and hear about how I am missing out by not eating the amazing turkey, would have the exact opposite effect to thankfulness! So being able to share a lazy day at home with my family (humans and animals,) makes we thankful and reminds me of just how fortunate I am!

My week at work was crazy and it has been fun to come home each day and see what recipes people were checking out to make to share with their family and friends. I love that we can show the world that we are doing what they are doing, just vegan! Hopefully, those of you that are attending dinners with carnivores can get them to at least try your special dish and realize there is no need to fear the vegan! I would love to hear about what you made.

So I am late on this as I have been with everything else in my life lately, but honestly all it means is that you won’t be able to get a paper certificate and I didn’t think about that part because I usually pass on that part, but this is a good time to remember place like Farm Sanctuary and help out. Yes what better time than this day of carnage than to adopt a turkey. If funds are tight and it’s over your limit maybe you could get a group of like thinkers to pitch in. Personally, it makes this day a little less depressing.

To donate go to Farm Sanctuary here.

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