Worthy of Sharing: The Heart of Darkness

So let me say right from the beginning, this isn’t a story about food, Veganism, or animal rights, but rather humanity, forgiveness, and healing.

Yesterday, I spent 10 hours in airports and planes and was unable to charge my phone prior to my first flight so for a change I picked up the in flight magazine on Southwest called the Spirit. Inside I found a gem of a story that had me crying in my seat and honestly I didn’t care if there were witnesses. The story is called The Heart of Darkness, and it has changed how I will deal with anger forever. It’s not often that I read a story that makes me want to change immediately. I am truly inspired and I hope you enjoy it as well!

The Heart of Darkness by Megan Feldman

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2 Responses to Worthy of Sharing: The Heart of Darkness

  1. jayedee says:

    my son, James, was murdered on march 27. i need to read this on so many levels.thank you

    • This is the perfect thing for you to read. I have not experienced loss from murder but I have been holding on anger from some past abuse/violence and this beautiful story was just what I needed to move on. I hope it will help you to find peace and possibly something good out of your loss!

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