Worthy of Sharing: Best Speech You Will Ever Hear – Gary Yourofsky

Yes, I realize this video is from 2010 but I am a little behind the times and was just introduced to it today. Yes, I realize it is going to take up an hour of your day, but I have to say it is the best hour I have viewed in a long time. Yes, there are two segments of violent videos, however you are warned prior to them starting and I was easily able to fast forward through them (hey, I am already vegan and understand the horrors of what was being presented.)

With that said, this video took me through a roller coaster of emotion. It made me laugh, think, get angry, and cry. I loved the segment about humans being carnivores and I wish I could memorize his response word for word. I was introduced to some vegan products that I have never seen and must find. I would love to know how many people who were sitting in that room for the speech at least attempted to go vegan. I think this speech is a must see for vegans and non vegans alike. I feel it rates right up there was Earthlings without the feeling of being sick when you walk away!

Also check put Gary’s website: adaptt.org

Another great speech is by Philip Wollen. Watch here.

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